Legal policy

BRANDRUP appreciates your visit to our website as well as your interest in our products. Your privacy while browsing through our pages is important to us, hence we would like to inform you about the collection of anonymous and personal data as follows:

1. Collection and processing of anonymous data
When visiting our websites, you as an indivudual person remain anonymous. Our web server automatically records only your IP address, the website from which you are visiting us, the web pages you visit as well as the date and length of your visit. Personal data is only stored if you agree to it voluntarily, for example in the context of a registration, a survey, a contest or in the case of completion of a contract. The filling in of the contact forms and indication of information is voluntary and will be saved and processed according to German data privacy regulations.

2. Use and transfer of personal data
BRANDRUP will use your personal data for the sole purpose of technical administration of the website, customer administration, product surveys and marketing and only to the extent necessary in each specific case. We will only disclose your data to governmental authorities in case that it is required by law. Our employees, are obliged by us to respect your confidentiality.

3. Cookies
The web site BRANDRUP places cookies during your visit. You can decide the use and extent of cookies through your computer settings (in your internet browser, i.e. Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer). BRANDRUP assumes that you agree with the usage of cookies if your browser allows it. If you do not wish to receive these cookies you can disable them in your browser.

4. Links to BRANDRUP sites
It is allowed to set hyperlinks to the entrance page of BRANDRUP websites, e.g., if the link opens a totally new website of the indicated page without opening the page in a frame, and if BRANDRUP is informed on links{at}brandrup(dot)de about the link within 24 hours of the installation. When installing the hyperlink, it has to be identified as such. When arranging the hyperlink it has to be clear that it is a hyperlink and that the page that referrs to it as such, either uses the term "Link to BRANDRUP" or the title of the corresponding page of BRANDRUP to which the hyperlink refers to, in combination with the term "Link to BRANDRUP". Links that differ herein need a written acceptance of the general manager or authorised representative of BRANDRUP before their installation. 
 BRANDRUP reserves the right to prohibit the setting of links, even if the preceding obligations have been complied.

5. Liability
The BRANDRUP websites and printed media have been developed with highest care. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the exactness of the information nor that it be free from error. All information is provided without any guarantee or assurance of features, be it explicitly or implicitly. In particular, they do not give an implied engagement or guarantee for the constitution, negotiability, suitability for certain functions or the complying of certain laws and patents. This particularly applies to the manuals provided. No liability is taken for damages occurring from direct or indirect use of this website and BRANDRUP printed media, unless we acted deliberately or grossly negligent. BRANDRUP is liable for slight negligences only if an essential obligation has been infringed, whereas the total amount of the claim of compensation is limited to foreseeable damages. If these websites contain links to websites of third parties, Robert BRANDRUP e.K. does not take any liability for the content of the latter; solely their respective holders are liable for the content. Homepages of third parties can contain links to the BRANDRUP website without our knowledge. Robert BRANDRUP e.K. is not responsible for illegal contents of third parties unless we are aware of this information and are/were in the position to avoid the use of this illegal content to a reasonable extent technically or legally. Nevertheless, we are not obliged by law to continously check the websites of third parties, Teleservice law § 8 paragraph 2.

6. Security while sending messages to BRANDRUP
If you want to send an email to BRANDRUP through your private email account, please consider to take precautions concerning the liability and integrity of the contents of your emails, e.g. by using usual market coding software. If you want to send an email directly through the contact form on the BRANDRUP website, please consider that these data are transferred encoded. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the content of your emails.

7. Alteration of the scope of services and site policy
BRANDRUP reserves the right to shorten this service or part of it, as well as the alteration of functions. The fast development of the internet makes it necessary to adjust the site policy from time to time. Therefore, please consider always the respective current version of the site policy.

8. Copyright
Copyright 2016 Robert BRANDRUP e.K.. All rights reserved. All texts, images, graphics, videos, sounds, animated graphics and their composition on the BRANDRUP websites are liable to the copyright and other laws of intellectual property rights. It is not permitted to copy, publish and alterate them for commercial purposes, nor copy or pass them on to third parties or enable access to them. We explicitly point out that our websites and printed media can contain images that are liable to the copyright of third parties. Permission is hereby granted to electronically copy and to print hard copy portions of this web site for the sole purpose of using this as an information resource for BRANDRUP products. Any other use of materials on this website, including reproduction for purposes other than the above, modification, distribution or republication without the prior written permission of BRANDRUP is prohibited.The trade marks, logos and other marks shown on this web site, unless otherwise specified, are the trade marks of BRANDRUP. No rights are granted to use any of them in any manner whatsoever. Any infringement of BRANDRUP's rights will result in appropriate legal action being taken against you.

9. Products and prices
All information on this website can be alterated up until the moment of purchase. Nearly all images also show objects that are not included in the scope of delivery and are supplementary equipment or decoration. During the time of delivery, modifications in design and shape, variance in colour as well as alterations concerning the scope of delivery and service on the part of BRANDRUP or its suppliers are reserved, provided that the alterations or irregularities are reasonable considering BRANDRUP´s interests. Irregularities in colour are subject to technical reasons. Some pages may also include products, product features and services which are not offered in all countries. Statements about legal, judicial and fiscal regulations and consequences are only valid for the Federal Republic of Germany. All changes and errors are expressly reserved. The price list which can be downloaded from our website contains recommended retail prices (VAT included) for end customers in Germany. All information is non-binding; all changes and errors are excepted. In general, the prices that apply are those valid on the day of delivery. For our contractual partners, the prices are recommended retail prices. None of the prices apply for acquisition abroad; in this case, please contact our importers or contractual partners for the latest update.

10. Brand label
Unless otherwise indicated, all brand marks on these websites and in the BRANDRUP printed media are registered trade marks and trade brands of BRANDRUP. This applies particularly to model names as well as logos, colours and emblems of BRANDRUP.

11. Licensing laws
On these websites BRANDRUP strives to inform you comprehensively in an innovative way. The herein contained intellectual property, e.g. patents, trade brands, copyrights, are protected. This website does not license its visitor to use or turn to account in any way the intellectual property of BRANDRUP.

12. Choice of law
The usage of services as well as the general terms of use are subject to German law, except for its regulations concerning law of conflicts.