Legal policy

We are glad that you visit our homepage and that you are interested in our products. Protecting your privacy while using our homepage is very important to us, therefore we inform you below among other things about the collection of anonymous and personal data.

1. Protection of data privacy

1.1 Responsibility
Responsible for data processing this website in terms of Art. 4 Nr. 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is, as you can see from the Legal notice:

Robert BRANDRUP e.K.
Postal address: Rodlhof 1, D-94157 Perlesreut
Tel.: +49-8555-4071-0
Fax: +49-8555-4071-70

1.2 Gathering and processing of personal data
While visiting our website, you, as an individual person, remain anonymous.
When calling our homepage, you transfer data via your internet browser to our webserver due to technical necessity. The following data are registered on our webserver while there is a running connection in order to communicate between your internet browser and our webserver:
• Date and time of request
• Name of the required file
• Page which the file was requested from
• Access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
• Web browser used and operation system used
• Complete IP address of the requiring computer
• Transferred data volume
This data is not saved on our webserver. Personal data are only saved if you provide these yourself voluntarily, for example in form of a registration, a survey, a contest, in order to realize a contract or in order to answer your questions. As far as you use the contact form provided by us and you disclose personal data within, or rather contact us by e-mail, these data are only collected, processed and used in order to answer your question. If you do not use the offered contact form, no data collection will take place beyond that.

1.3 Use and transfer of personal data
While establishing contact with us (i.e. per contact form or e-mail), personal data will be collected. Which data is being collected in case of a contact form, is decided by you, in line with your request and voluntary data regarding contact and address data. When clicking the “Submit”-button, you agree to the transfer of the data in the contact form to us. A retransmission of your data to third parties will not occur without your permission. Furthermore, your data will not be saved by us in a third country without your permission. A transfer of personal data to a public institution and administration will only occur within the scope of national legal regulation. In order to ensure a save transfer of your data, we use an encoded link with secure socket layer (SSL) certificate with best demonstrated available technology. The data is saved and used in order to answer your request and for further contacting and the involved technical administration. The legal basis for the data handling is our legitimate interest in answering your request according to Art. 6, pas. 1f GDPR. Once the handling of your request is completed, your request will be deleted. This is the case, when circumstances indicate that the regarded issue is concluded and there is no legal duty to preserve the data. Within our company we ensure that only people who require your data in order to fulfill contractual and legal duties, will receive those.
We do not use your data in any way in order to profile or for automated decision making.

1.4 Duration of the storage of personal data, Art. 13, pas. 2 a GDPR
The duration of the storage of personal data is in accordance with the respectively applying legal retention period (i.e. trade and fiscal retention periods). At the end of the retention period the data are deleted, as far as they are no longer required in order to complete a contract and/or we have no further entitled interest in continuing to save them. As far as data do not succumb to precise storage deadlines, they will be deleted when the reason for which they were processed for, ceases to exist. BRANDRUP does not sell products directly to end customers. Contact data and if so phone numbers that are passed on to us by our retailers by direct client request for a direct supply of BRANDRUP products to the end customers, are saved in the receipts of our inventory control program. At the end of the legal storage period you can object to a further saving of these data on the receipts.

1.5 Security while sending messages to BRANDRUP
If you want to send an email to BRANDRUP through your private e-mail account, please consider to take precautions concerning the liability and integrity of the contents of your e-mails, e.g. by using usual market coding software. As a transport encryption we offer for our website HTTPS and the actual coding protocol TLS 1.2. We recommend you to keep your internet browser on the latest status in order to ensure a save transfer of your data on its transit.

1.6 Cookies placement and web tracking procedures (range-measurement)
BRANDRUP uses, subject to your consent, cookies when you visit our websites.

1.7 Google Maps
On our website we use Google Maps (API) by Google LLC., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”). Google Maps is a Web Service to present interactive maps in order to visually show geographic information. By using this service, the retailer’s location who has permission to sell BRANDUP products, is shown. In order to be able to use the function of Google Maps, information about your using our website (like for example your IP address) is transferred to servers of Google in the USA and saved there. Google saves your data (even for users that are not logged in) as usage profiles and evaluates them. Such an evaluation occurs especially according to art. 6, pass. 1 f GDPR based on Google’s entitled interests in flashing of personalized advertisements, market research and/or means-tested presentation of its website. You are entitled to a right of objection against the creation of these user profiles, at which you are mainly directed towards Google for its exertion. BRANDRUP has no influence on this data transfer. The information transfer does only start when you click the “activate”- button on the map. With the activation of the map you agree to the transfer of the information. If you do not want to agree to the transfer of the information, do not click the “activate” – button on the map. This way you can continue to use the site without any transfer taking place. If you do not consent to the future transfer of your data to Google in line with the usage of Google Maps, there is also the possibility to completely deactivate Google maps by turning off the JavaScript in your browser. Google Maps and therewith the map display on this internet site can not be used then.
Detailed information about privacy protection in conjunction with the usage of Google Maps you will find on the internet site of Google (“Google Privacy Policy”)

1.8 Rights of the people concerned
The prevailing General Data Protection Regulation concedes every concerned person the following rights towards the party responsible:
• Art. 15 GDPR: You have the right of information. This means you are entitled to ask us for a confirmation if the concerned personal data is processed by us.
• Art. 16 GDPR: You have the right of correction. This means you can demand of us the correction of incorrect personal data concerning you.
• Art. 17 GDPR: You have the right of cancellation (“Right to be forgotten”). This means you are entitled to demand from us that personal data concerning yourself will be immediately deleted by demonstrating the conditions of Art. 17 passage 1 GDPR. However, this right does not exist especially when the processing is necessary in order to execute the right to freedom of expression and information, in order to fulfill a legal commitment, for reasons of public interest or in order to assert, execute or defend legal claims.
• Art. 18 GDPR: You have the right to demand the restriction of your personal data, as long as the rightness of your data that you dispute is being tested, when you reject the deleting of your data due to inadmissible data processing and instead demand the restraint of your data, when you need your data in order to claim, execute or defend legal claims, after we no longer need these data after purpose achievement or when you have placed an objection due to reasons of your special situation, as long as it is not determined whether our legitimate claims predominate.
• Art. 19 GDPR: You have the Right to Information. This means that when you enforce the Right to information, deleting or reducing of the processing towards the responsible party, it is that party’s obligation to inform all recipients that have been presented with personal data concerning you about this information, deleting or reduction. This is not the case if it should be impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. You have the right to be informed about these recipients.
• Art. 20 GDPR: You have the right to data portability. This means that you have the right to receive the personal data concerning you and that you have provided us with, in a structured, current and machine-readable format and to transfer these data if necessary to another responsible party.
• Art. 17 pass. 3 GDPR: You have the right of withdrawal at any time of a granted agreement for the future.
• Art. 13 pass. 2 d and Art. 77 GDPR: You have a right to complain with the responsible supervisory authority.

1.9 Rights of Appeal regarding Art. 21 GDPR
You have the right to appeal any time against the processing of your personal data, for reasons that proceed from your special situation, that occurs due to article 6 passage 1f GDPR.
If you appeal, we will no longer process your personal data, except we can prove coercible, protection requiring reasons for the processing, that outweigh your interests, rights and liberties, or elsewise the data serves the enforcement, execution or defense of legal claims.
Please direct your appeal in writing (via e-mail or mail) to the address mentioned in 1.1.

2. Links to pages of BRANDRUP
The placing of hyperlinks to the website of BRANDRUP like for example is legitimate if the link leads to a completely new loading of the page that is referred to, without the destined website being placed in a frame and BRANDRUP is being informed by e-mail to within 24 hours after the link being placed. When designing the hyperlink, it has to be clear that it is a hyperlink and on the referring site the words “link to BRANDRUP” or the heading of the relevant site of BRANDRUP in combination with the words “link to BRANDRUP” have to be placed. Links that deviate from this, require a written agreement of the managing director or registered manager of BRANDRUP. BRANDRUP reserves the right to object to the placing of links despite complying with the mentioned obligations.

3. Liability
The BRANDRUP websites and printed media have been developed with highest care. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the exactness of the information nor that it be free from error. All information is provided without any guarantee or assurance of features, be it explicitly or implicitly. In particular, they do not give an implied engagement or guarantee for the constitution, negotiability, suitability for certain functions or the complying of certain laws and patents. This particularly applies to the manuals provided. No liability is taken for damages occurring from direct or indirect use of this website and BRANDRUP printed media, unless we acted deliberately or grossly negligent. BRANDRUP is liable for slight negligence only if an essential obligation has been infringed, whereas the total amount of the claim of compensation is limited to foreseeable damages.
If these websites contain links to websites of third parties, Robert BRANDRUP e.K. does not take any liability for the content of the latter; solely their respective holders are liable for the content. Websites of third parties can contain links to the BRANDRUP website without our knowledge. Robert BRANDRUP e.K. is not responsible for illegal contents of third parties unless we are aware of this information and are/were in the position to avoid the use of this illegal content to a reasonable extent technically or legally. Nevertheless, we are not obliged by law to continuously check the websites of third parties.

4. Change of scope of supply and terms of use
BRANDRUP reserves its right to extend this services or part of it, to reduce it or to change functionalities at any time. The fast development of the internet makes it a necessity that we adapt the terms of use from time to time. Hence please always note the respectively actual version of the terms of use.

5. Copyright
Copyright 2020 Robert BRANDRUP e.K.. All rights reserved. All texts, images, graphics, videos, sounds, animated graphics and their composition on the BRANDRUP websites are liable to the copyright and other laws of intellectual property rights. It is not permitted to copy, publish and alternate them for commercial purposes, nor copy or pass them on to third parties or enable access to them. We explicitly point out that our websites and printed media can contain images that are liable to the copyright of third parties.

6. Products and prices
All information on this website can be altered up until the moment of purchase. Nearly all images also show objects that are not included in the scope of delivery and are supplementary equipment or decoration. During the time of delivery, modifications in design and shape, variance in colour as well as alterations concerning the scope of delivery and service on the part of BRANDRUP or its suppliers are reserved, provided that the alterations or irregularities are reasonable considering BRANDRUP´s interests. Irregularities in colour are subject to technical reasons. Some pages may also include products, product features and services which are not offered in all countries. Statements about legal, judicial and fiscal regulations and consequences are only valid for the Federal Republic of Germany. All changes and errors are expressly reserved. The price list which can be downloaded from our website contains recommended retail prices (VAT included) for end customers in Germany. All information is non-binding; all changes and errors are excepted. In general, the prices that apply are those valid on the day of delivery. For our contractual partners, the prices are recommended retail prices. None of the prices apply for acquisition abroad; in this case, please contact the responsible BRANDRUP importer or a contractual partner for the latest update.

7. Trademarks
Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks on these websites and in the BRANDRUP printed media are registered trademarks and trademarks of BRANDRUP. This applies particularly to model names as well as logos, colours and emblems of BRANDRUP. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of its respective owner.

8. Licensing laws
On these websites BRANDRUP strives to inform you comprehensively in an innovative way. The herein contained intellectual property, e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights, is protected. This website does not license its visitor to use or turn to account in any way the intellectual property of BRANDRUP.

9. Choice of law
The usage of services as well as the general terms of use are subject to German law, except for its regulations concerning law of conflicts.