Protection for the vehicle / luggage

Anti-slide inserts for compartments and drawers

The inlays are specially produced for the shelves of the back wardrobe and the scullery of the VW T6.1/T6/T5 California Ocean/Coast/Comfortline and for the drawers of the kitchen unit of the VW Grand California 600/680 and made of a high-quality material.

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Anti-slip-/ protection inlays

Interior protection for storage room and luggage VW T6.1/T6/T5 and VW Grand California

From anti-slip/protection inlays for the plain surface of the aluminium shelves of the VW California to mats for the drawer of the bedding box and protection for the rear compartment: here you will find a lot of useful equipment for your VW T6.1/T6/T5 California, Multivan (UK: Caravelle) and VW Grand California.

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Protection mat for the right side of the boot VW T6.1 California

Protection film

Precise fitting protection film for varnished bumpers, door handle cups of the VW T6.1/T6/T5 and Caddy 4/3. One version is transparent in order to keep the original look, the second is black, very useful if the bumper already has scratchers and the painting should be spared.

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Transparent protection film VW T6.1/T6/T5