Toilet "Porta Potti 335" + strap with loop handle

Exclusive toilet "Porta Potti 335": Flush-water tank capacity approx. 10 l, waste-holding tank approx. 10 l.
Toilet + strap with loop handle
The strap-handle allows easy handling of the toilet “Porta Potti 335“.
The strap is slip-resistant and has a loop handle.
The attachment is simple: the strap is put around the toilet, secured with a plastic fastener and finally tightened.

Scope of delivery: toilet “Porta Potti 335” + strap with loop handle.
The strap-handle allows easy handling of the branded toilet “Porta Potti 335”.
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
102 302 001Toilet “Porta Potti 335” + strap with loop handle198,00 €

Camping toilet agent: Aqua Kem Sachets

The package is closed hermetically, practically odour free and lasts for 15 toilet fillings. Drop one sachet (small bag) into the empty toilet. The odour binding effect is very good.
Aqua Kem Sachets
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
100 302 021Aqua Kem Sachets, 15 bags24,50 €