TOP-RAIL is also a development made by BRANDRUP and was the first system for vehicles without serial rain water gutter on the world market in 1992.

The complex benefits and advantages that TOP-RAIL offers have not been toped by any other product.
The stylish and perfect rain water gutter and fixing rail for awnings and tents is also available for the VW T6.1/T6/T5.

Water flows off perfectly and practically over the windscreen even with a tent attached to the vehicle.
TOP-RAIL installed on both sides reduces the common noise of the airstream that occurs at higher speeds whilst travelling.

Contrary to the VW T4, it is not allowed to attach carriers to the VW T6/T5.
All further advantages of TOP-RAIL T4 remain.

Design: "Carbon".

Made in Germany.


The aluminium profile TOP-RAIL T6.1/T6/T5 has been preformed for the bodywork of the VW T6.1/T6/T5 and can therefore only be fixed to these vehicles.
Assembly on the T6.1/T6/T5 California is possible, however, Volkswagen AG does not yet allow the removal of the serial rail.
TOP-RAIL VW T6.1/T6/T5 for high-tops (short wheel base)

Perfect rain water gutter and best mounting rail for awnings and tents

TOP-RAIL can be fixed to both sides of the vehicle and offers very good protection for the cabin, side windows and all doors during rain.

The rain water gutter is ideal for bar clamp fixing (tents/awnings): the low fit and the inwardly shaped rain gutter guarantee secure footing; for TOP-RAIL no further adapter is required.
TOP-RAIL VW T6.1/T6/T5  with TOP-SAIL.

The front spoiler directs water running down from the roof onto the windscreen.

The rain water cannot flow between or over the aluminium rail and spoiler. When stationary, the spoiler directs the water onto the windscreen and not lateraly down the A pillar onto the cabin doors.

TOP-RAIL reduces wind noises caused by the pop-up roof. At high speed (approx. 140 km/h), it is notably more quiet in the inside. All TOP-RAIL T6/T5/T4 systems offer these advantages.
TOP-RAIL spoiler front

TOP-RAIL VW T4: roof load up to 100 kg, also on a pop-up roof

Exclusively made for TOP-RAIL: excellent universal brand roof racks.

They produce less wind resistance and less intrusive noise than usual roof carriers for vehicles without a rain water gutter.
For all vehicles with flatt roofs (tin roofs) the supporting leg is approx. 14 cm high.
TOP-RAIL with roof racks for T4 vehicles with tin top.

Attachment of roof racks

Safe and easy fixing for good quality roof racks with supporting legs for rain water gutter.

Can be removed easily when the roof has to be opened.

Safety is of paramount importance to us, therefore TOP-RAIL T4 has completed and passed all relevant safety tests - mandatory and voluntary.
TOP-RAIL can only be used as a holder for roof carriers on a VW T4 and only if it is attached to both sides of the vehicle.

You can identify the original rail by the safety label, the “TOP-RAIL” badge and the BRANDRUP dolphin logo as well as the writing “BRANDRUP Made in Germany“ on the front spoiler.

For all VW T4 vehicles with pop-up roof the supporting leg is approx. 20 cm high.
TOP-RAIL with roof rack for T4 pop-up roof.
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
100 700 110 TOP-RAIL aluminium rail for VW T4 short wheel base, 2,6 m, with montage hole, "Carbon"164,00 €
100 700 134TOP-RAIL aluminium rail for VW T4 long wheel base, 3,4 m, "Carbon"164,00 €
100 700 011 TOP-RAIL spoiler set VW T4, right62,50 €
100 700 012TOP-RAIL spoiler set VW T4, left62,50 €
100 700 501TOP-RAIL aluminium rail for VW T6.1/T6/T5 right, short wheel base, "Carbon"224,00 €
100 700 502TOP-RAIL aluminium rail for VW T6.1/T6/T5 left, short wheel base, "Carbon"224,00 €
100 700 511TOP-RAIL spoiler set VW T6.1/T6/T5, right62,50 €
100 700 512 TOP-RAIL spoiler set VW T6.1/T6/T5, left62,50 €

Attachment devices for TOP-RAIL

For sticking TOP-RAIL to a vehicle, only the pictured adhesive, cleaner and primer may be used.

It is not allowed to use other attachment devices.
Attachment devices for TOP-RAIL.
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
100 711 252Sikaflex 252 (one cartouche is sufficient for 1 TOP-RAIL), black34,50 €
100 711 205 Sika Cleaner 205 (garage size for approx. 30 mountings)36,50 €
100 711 210Sika-Primer 210 (garage size for approx. 30 mountings) 58,50 €