FLYOUT Mercedes-Benz Viano Marco Polo (2007 ↔ 2013)

FLYOUT tailgate opening Mercedes-Benz Viano Marco Polo

FLYOUT mosquito nets are the effective and most eco friendly protection from insects and mosquitoes for day and night.
Perfect view outwards: the net is almost invisible because of it’s black colour.
All FLYOUT mosquito nets are attached all around the opening with hook-and-loop fastener. For this purpose, we developed a very resistent self-adhesive.

The FLYOUT protects the entire tailgate opening (not only partial), so that insects cannot get into the cupboard through scorings.
FLYOUT tailgate opening Mercedes-Benz Viano Marco Polo
The mosquito net for the tailgate opening can be opened and gathered sidewards: practical for loading and in everyday life!
FLYOUT tailgate opening Mercedes-Benz Viano Marco Polo
A small window with zipper guarantees the access to the conection of the shower in the cupboard.
FLYOUT tailgate opening: the access to the shower remains accessible.
The FLYOUT mosquito nets for the tailgate opening have a zipper with two slides. Therefore the roller blind in the interior of the vehicle can be used easily - the net must not be opened completely. Of course, this FLYOUT is also densly closed all around.

If it is very hot and one wants to keep the tailgate open whilst sleeping, the AIR-SAFE ist the ideal solution: Herewith, the tailgate can be left open approx. 10 cm and still be locked from the outside.
For more information see: AIR-SAFE.

Made in Germany.
FLYOUT tailgate opening has a zipper with two sliders. Hence the curtain can be used easily from the iside of the vehicle.
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