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Solar shower 20 litre

In order to have warm water through solar energy available wherever you are, we recommend you this high quality solar shower made of food-safe polyethylene.

The black tank heats up the water in the sun, and at the same time reduces the chance of algae spreading inside the tank.

It has a very durable turning stop cock which enables an accurate dosage of the water.

Not only the shower head but also the cord is included in the scope of delivery.
Solar shower 20 litre
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
100 300 011Solar shower 20 litre26,50 €
Z00 300 003Support for solar shower/foldable water tank for attachment on TOP-RAIL or piping rails24,50 €

Foldable water tanks

These easy stowable foldable 5-, 10- and 20-l-water tanks are made of food safe polyethylene with a very durable stop cork. The 10 and 20 litre tanks are able to be hung headfirst in order to conceive flowing water. The sturdy handle does not cut into the fingers and the vertical opening enables easy filling.

Foldable water tanks are an indispensable device in regions where you do not have access to drinking water. Also ideal for weekend trips if you do not want to fill up the installed tank inside the vehicle.

Made in Germany.
Foldable water tanks for  5, 10 and 20 litres
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
100 300 001Foldable water tank 5 litre16,50 €
100 300 002Foldable water tank 10 litre18,50 €
100 300 003Foldable water tank 20 litre19,90 €

Water fill-in set

In order to facilitate the filling of the serial water tanks, we recommend the approved fill-in set. The water fill-in set enables an easy filling of the serial water tank by using either the 10 or 20 litre foldable water tank.

The fill-in set consists of 4 parts: holding device for TOP-RAIL (can also be used as a fastener for a clothline); holding device for 10/20 litre foldable water tank or solar shower; a turning cog with oversized opening (approx. 20 mm) and an appropiate fill-in hose. The tank holding device is fixed to the bottom handle of the tank with a durable clip fastener and hung into the TOP-RAIL holding device with a carabiner.

The upper cord edge of the holding device is introduced into the piping rail of vehicles with TOP-RAIL.
The holding device can be introduced directly into the serial aluminium rail of the Viano Marco Polo.

The foldable water tank is not included in the scope of delivery.
Water fill-in set + foldable water tank 20 litre
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
100 300 004Water fill-in set for all foldable water tanks29,90 €

Water disinfection: Micropur

For healthy water on tour: this approved supplement enables you to disinfect and stock drinking water for up to six months.

It is odourless, tasteless and free from chlorine and iodine. Used by the military and disaster relief organizations, you can be sure this product is a good choice. In a higher dose it is also used to disinfect water tanks and dishwater reservoirs (toilets). Micropur sterilises within two hours by silver ions and is inoffensive for the human organism. It kills all vegetal germs and pathogenes like typhus, paratyphoid, dysentery, colibacillosis, cholera. Micropur cannot be used with muddy or contaminated water because amoebas, shigella and bilharzia cannot be eliminated.

Micropur is available as liquid for 1.000 litres, powder for 10.000 litres or tablets for 100 litres of water.

Shelf life of Micropus: 10 years.
Water disinfection: Micropur
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
100 301 001Micropur liquid for 1.000 litre14,90 €
100 301 002Micropur powder for 10.000 litre26,50 €
100 301 003Micropur tablets for 100 litre17,90 €