ISO-TOP Extreme for Mercedes-Benz Viano Marco Polo (2007–2013)

High-roof comfort for pop-up roofs: the insulation effect is brilliant!
In the front of the roof a ventilation flap can be opened. This flap needs to remain open while sleeping!

ISO-TOP Extreme is attached simply and quickly all around (above and below) with self adhesive hook-and-loop fastener. By this an insulating air-cushion is created between the gaiter and the ISO-TOP Extreme. The creation of condensation water is reduced considerably and the room climate is improved.
ISO-TOP Extreme Mercedes-Benz Viano Marco Polo (2007–2013)
ISO-TOP Extreme offers a brilliant insulation in cold conditions and can be also used in summer until approx. +20° C. Additionally exterior noises are reduced considerably.

ISO-TOP Extreme Viano Marco Polo has to be removed, when the pop- up top is closed. Being folded, it can be stored on the upper bed.
ISO-TOP Extreme Viano Marco Polo
Above, the selfadhesive hook-and-loop fastener is applied to the aluminium border.
ISO-TOP Extreme: upper attachment with hook-and-loop fastener
The material is a tightly woven flame-retardent fabric which has been stiched onto a thick, highly isolating but still breathable special thermo fleece.

Made in Germany.
ISO-TOP Extreme: lower attachment with hook-and-loop fastener
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