iXTEND PAD for VW T6/T5 California Ocean, Coast/Comfortline

More stroage space and even better sleeping comfort. The iXTEND PAD enables the use of the rear bed extension of the VW T5 California Comfortline also in the upper position: at the same time a good lying comfort with the iXTEND folding bed is enabled, while at the same time an even loading level can be attained: without conversion!

If the bed extension is used in the upper position in combination with iXTEND PAD, more rear storage space for luggage and daily use of the vehicle is available *: below approx. 49,60 l and above approx. 26,73 l = complete approx.+ 76,33 litre more storage space.
Now even crates with 1.5 litre bottles can be stored below: without conversion!
iXTEND PAD for VW T5 California Comfortline
iXTEND PAD has a completely insensible, tear-resistant and washable cover. Inside it has a rugged, flame resistant concerted combination of foam.

iXTEND PAD offers a flat and insensible upper cargo area, which is connected stageless to the 2-seater bench folded up to a bed: A practial and easy to clean deposit/cargo area and a generous and sturdy lying area for a dog etc...
iXTEND PAD: up to 76.30 litre more storage space
iXTEND PAD is attached with hook-and-loop fastener in the front third above and sideways at the bed extension (“wooden board” till 2010, “grid” as from 2011).
iXTEND PAD: fixation with hook-and-loop fastener
If iXTEND PAD is put on the unfolded iXTEND folding bed as protection, the hook-and-loop fasteners at the bottom and the side of iXTEND PAD are simply compressed, so that they do not rub on the bottom.
iXTEND PAD as protection for the unfolded iXTEND foldable bed
In order to fold up the bed extension during loading of the lower boot area, iXTEND PAD can be lifted at the back, without having to loosen the attachment: iXTEND PAD remains in its place and doesn't slip.

Even 1.5 litre bottles can be stored below without problems and remain there, in case the bed extension is folded downwards or/and the bed is used for sleeping.
iXTEND PAD can be lifted up in the back, without having to loosen the attachment or that it slides away
iXTEND PAD and iXTEND folding bed are also available in two versions:

For all VW T5 California Comfortline and VW T6 California Ocean/Coast the iXTEND PAD can be used with iXTEND Allround folding bed, when you are using the bed extension in the lower position and above the serial cushion.

For VW T5 Comfortline (as well as Trendline) and identical special editions the iXTEND PAD is to use with iXTEND Allround folding bed to adjust the bed extension in the upper position. The standard rear cushion (rear pad/”sleeping cushion”) is replaced by iXTEND PAD *.

And for VW T6 Califorina Ocean/Coast the iXTEND PAD is to use with iXTEND High Comfort to adjust the bed extension in the upper position.

The packages are useful for those, who are looking for better sleep comfort and at the same time may need more rear cargo space (up to approx. 76,30 liter) as well as a sturdy, washable and “scratch resistant” surface of the upper rear storage area.

Design: "Moonrock Grey". Made in Germany.

* Only with iXTEND folding bed and iXTEND PAD it is possible to sleep also in the upper position of the bed extension and thus to gain more loading space, which can't be achieved with the "comfort mattress" (of VW), because it's designed for the lower position and doesn't offer an even sleeping surface above.
iXTEND PAD and iXTEND folding bed: perfect sleeping comfort and more storage space
Part No.Descriptionprice including VAT
100 709 014iXTEND PAD for VW T5 California (without Beach), design "Moonrock Grey"129,50 €
100 709 015Package: iXTEND PAD and iXTEND Allround folding bed only for VW T5 California Comfortline (usage of the bed extension in the lower and upper position), design "Moonrock Grey"479,00 €
100 709 018iXTEND High Comfort folding bed + iXTEND PAD only for VW T6 California Ocean/Coast and identical special editions, usage of the bed extension in the upper position, design "Moonrock Grey"489,00 €